LAURA FERRETTI: HER ACHIEVEMENT OF AN INNER SPACE IPaintings   by   Laura   Ferretti   convey   grace,   sensibility,   they   express   her   wish   to   live   in   an   inward   and   secret   world,   and   in   harmony with   the   changeable   landscapes   she   paints.   Her   refusal   of   chaos   induces   Ferretti   to   search   for   a   superior,   Hegelian   order   where   two dialectical   aspects   become   conciliated:   the   painter   and   the   freshness   of   an   universe   seen   with   astonishment,   as   if   it   were   the beginning   of   the   life.   For   this,   our   painter   is   able   to   gaze   everything   amazed   as   if   it   were   the   first   time.   She   ignores   déjà   vu   and commonplaces; she sweeps everything away to give space to improvisation, to impetuous strokes of her palette-knife. This   "pondered   immediacy"   is   characteristic   of   our   painter:   she   traces   out   her   own   way   towards   light   that   gives   substance   to everything and imbues flowers, hills, woods, waters. (Towards to light). Goethe,   dying,   said   "Open   the   second   shutter   so   that   more   light   can   come   into   the   room".   Laura   Ferretti   opens   the   windows   of   her senses   and   heart,   throws   open   her   glances   to   be   able   to   catch   the   light   that   makes   everything   impalpable,   a   mystic   halo,   metaphor of   deep   knowledge   and   lyric   transport.   In   her   paintings   light   becomes   color   and   color   changes   into   light   to   bring   us   back   to   the beginning of the life, to that primordial element every special aspect comes out from. Laura   Ferretti   founds   her   pictorial   research   on   numberless   chromatic   ranges   of   colors   and   iridescent   shades,   so   you   can   see seasons flowing, time gliding along. But, inside these changes, you find her will to reach something lasting, steady. The   same   painter   says   "There   are   many   flowers:   they   stand   for   mankind.   I   love   the   ephemeral   flowers   that   gladden   and   scent   the air, I love the ephemeral men who would like to be eternal". (Under a blue sky: wild flowers). These   words   tell   us   how   painting   means,   for   her,   a   journey   towards   a   definite   goal,   a   superior   order.   So   she   adds   meanings   to   her landscapes.   The   wave   isn't   a   wave   only;   it   means   the   water   of   the   life,   its   rhythmical   becoming.   Her   yellow   skies   express   her   inner symphony. The brightness of the moon invites us to romantic reveries. The spring flowers, the corals give us surprising feelings. "Joy   in   sinking"   is   a   symbolic   one.   In   fact,   the   Tuscan   painter   loses   herself   in   the   breathing   of   Infinite   (do   you   remember   the   poem by Giacomo Leopardi?). She   hardly   disappears   blending   her   soul   with   the   world.   But,   blending,   Ferretti   recovers   herself   as   an   essential   part   of   the   universe. Her   feeling   of   melancholy   changes   into   a   vital   optimism,   evident   in   the   atmosphere   of   her   paintings   full   of   serene   harmony,   poetic contemplation. The   strokes   of   the   brush   and   palette   knife   by   Laura   Ferretti   look   like   a   veil   that   hides   and,   at   the   same   time,   discloses   our   own emotions. This   veil   is   metaphor   of   the   same   art.   It   is   escape   into   dream   and   meeting   with   real   life,   research   of   one's   own   inner   world and compare with the others, with the things to catch inspiration from their colors, sounds, scents. Laura   Ferretti   starts   from   landscapes   and   arrives   to   a   personal   style   open   to   the   suggestions   of   the   informal   art.   Her   paintings transmit   the   immediacy   of   the   perception   and   the   enthusiasm   of   the   passion.   So   finite   and   non-finite,   realistic   description   and   the power   of   a   symbolic   color,   soaked   in   pure   psychic   energy,   blend   happily.   It   means   reality   becomes   a   pretext   to   let   burst   out   a   palette of lively, musical colors. They bring us back to "Improvisations" by Kandinskj. They   are   colors   that   stand   for   something   else:   a   liberating   action   able   to   turn   vacuum,   chaos   into   silence,   harmony,   creative   joy (Peppers).
Laura Ferretti  painter