DEEP ROOTS: THE ETRUSCANS AND THEIR WORLD (Travelling exhibition by Laura Ferretti) The   Etruscan   pictorial   art   is   old   and   known   for   its   destination   in   the   world   of   the   dead,   although   he   retained   a   connection   with everyday   life,   Laura   Ferretti   was   inspired   by   it   for   the   creation   of   a   contemporary   artistic   journey   that   traces   its   roots   back   through Etruscan people, flora, fauna, jewelry, coins and more. The   Etruscan   technique   is   elementary,   basic,   essential   delineated   by   linear   forms   and   scenes:   the   path   of   Ferretti   is   instead   a process   of   evolution,   a   growing   art   spanning   primary   and   primary   to   use   with   skill   and   intense   tones   frame   the   scenes   with   vivid clarity   .   Excellence   is   evident   in   the   discussion   of   creating   a   family   atmosphere   that   the   artist   manages   to   convey   staring   at   bright colors and dynamic shapes the vitality of a distant world. The   uniqueness   lies   in   the   artist's   paintings   reinterpreted   an   ancient   art   together   with   skill   and   dexterity   to   having   sketched   a   world so   far   seen   and   known   that   the   time   has   not   eroded.   Ferretti   was   born   as   that   of   spontaneous   art   intensely   expressive   that   matures differently   in   reference   to   the   themes   represented.   Simple   and   spontaneous   expressions   of   animals   such   as   air   or   land   give   way   to beautiful light - dark effects showing a clever use of lines and colors. Regardless   of   themes   represented   by   involving   the   entire   Etruscan   world,   the   works   highlight   the   sophistication   of   contemporary   art at   the   time   past,   so   rare   today,   able   to   draw   a   historical   daily.   Charm   and   mystery   surround   the   works   although   they   are   outlined with   attention   to   detail,   clarity   of   the   scenes   activity   of   the   nuances. An   artistic   journey   that   starts   from   a   careful   study   and   exposure time   becomes   cultural,   historical,   artistic   approach:   a   versatility   that   allows   you   to   define   the   full   splendor   with   the   discovery   and exposure   point   of   allowing   the   viewer   to   learn   in   an   innovative   and   informal.   Etruscan   art   is   to   prevent   death,   the   art   of   Ferretti development   conscious   and   oriented,   deeply   connected   with   the   historical   reality,   with   the   great   civil   and   religious   values,   or becomes   an   art   that   wants   to   be   first   of   all   protection   and   ward   off   death,   a   hymn   to   life   and   knowledge.   Small   masterpieces   that delineate   the   material   reality   of   existence   in   this   Etruscan   or   at   least   a   trace,   showing   that   reality   through   art   continues   to   be   great works in which small talk loudly, as is done with the deaf. So   by   Laura   Ferretti   stimulates   interest   in   the   art   of   the   ancient   world,   with   net   figures   that   stand   on   the   bottom,   the   contours strongly   separated,   exaggerated   gestures,   colors   strengthened,   signs   that   show   a   launch   that   crosses   the   horizon   of   life.   It   has been   said   that   the   Etruscan   painting   rarely   touches   high   levels   of   quality:   the   one   in   question   is   the   product   of   a   skill   set   to   continue and excel, art thoughtful, witty and lively.
Laura Ferretti  painter