CRITICAL NOTE   Laura    Ferretti    through    what    defines    'Plunge    into    abstract'    you delimit     infinite     spaces     saturated     with     color,     or     close-toned landscapes   ideal   hours   mysterious   expanses   of   color   in   which   the waves   spread   out.   Apartments   from   figurative   works   are   identified with   or   without   a   theme,   is   of   little   importance,   before   which   the aggressiveness    of    skin    contact    with    the    observer    sees,    slowly, losing   going   into   the   field   under   one   foot   was   almost   ecstatic.   The pictorial   is   the   principal   moment   of   a   work   of   art   that   creates   a   new spatial   dimension   through   the   combination   of   simple   traces   and mottling    paintings    that    create    an    elegant    counterpoint    to    the background. A   particular   effect   of   evanescent   suspended   traction   is created   by   the   combination   of   gesture   and   color   to   the   point   of staging a wonderful lovely lyrical dance and overwhelmed.
Spring dream 
Laura Ferretti  painter