BEYOND THE SKY I've    always    looked    at    the    sky,    the    stars    and    I    often wondered   what   lay   beyond   that   cobalt   blue   full   of   lights. Nothing?   Then,   it   seemed   impossible,   but   I   saw   the   brilliant colors    of    'beyond.    I    then    stayed    inside,    canvas    after canvas,   the   colors   were   a   gift,   sharing   what   has   been   a piece    of    paradise.    Obviously,    I    was    unable    to    play    the colors   of   'well   so   transparent,   bright   and   sparkling.   The cosmic   fire,   the   nebulae   and   The   lament   of   the   matter   fast. The    joyful    dance    of    colors,    The    depth    of    the    universe through   a   little   bit   of   sun.I   wanted   to   convey   my   emotions, they   have   given   life   to   the   works.   I   only   saw   a   hint   of   the firmament, however, testifies to the grandeur of Creation.
                          The combination of green and pink
Laura Ferretti  painter