LAURA FERRETTI AND ETRUSCANS  L aura   Ferretti   and   the   Etruscans:   the   artist   refers   to   "deep   roots",   to   the intense    attraction    she    has    always    felt    about    this    harmonious    and mysterious   people   and   with   a   wave   she   was   able   to   bring   us   back   to   a   very remote    past,    to    places    enlightened    by    the    flowers    of    our    meadows, blooming   on   tombs   and   in   our   pleasant   landscapes   where   Etruscans   made their   life   and   death   “explode”.   And   her   pictorial   project ”   (the   infinitely   big and   the   infinitely   small)   takes   place   absorbed   and   embracing   along   the Rooms   of   the Archaeological   and Art   Museum   of   Maremma,   going   into   the esoteric Etruscan Universe, so fascinating and engaging.  Each   work   is   a   “fragment”,   a   fragment   of   those   splendid   remembrances that   Ferretti   re-examines   and   makes   “talk”   to   the   souls   of   those   who   behold with   new   words,   almost   as   wanting   to   exorcise   the   time   enigma.   And   the messages   winds   along,   this   exhibit   is   a   cradle   of   remembrances,   trace   of revisited   places   and   affects.   In   everything   you   can   feel   a   reliable   source   of emotionality. It   is   “mini-history”   of   a   fascinating   “macro-history”   that   takes   us   back   to   an ancient   identity,   in   an   almost   spasmodic   and   excruciating   desire.   Twenty- five   canvases   bring   us   along   this   subtle   analysis,   this   accurate   observation to    search    for    a    history    and    fly    over    the    time    know    ourselves,    all    our contemporaneousness. To be born again. Does   Laura   Ferretti   want   to   mean   so?   We   think   so.   Her   work,   revisiting   the past,   becomes   life   lymph,   steady   and   quiet   voice   of   her   soul   and   thoughts. Her     remote     and     instantaneous     motivation     is     capable     to     conciliate introspective   and   authentic   paths   with   a   meditative   aspect.   So   she   can perfectly    gather    thoughts    and    feelings    to    give    a    new    value    to    our    life beyond day-by-day life.
              Giuseppina SCOTTI
              Laura FERRETTI
Laura Ferretti  painter