LAURA FERRETTI, COLOR AND STRATEGY OF LIGHT Laura   Ferretti,   with   her   exhibition   “My   journey   into   colors”,   had   her   mark   at   Bechtel   International   Center   of   the   Stanford   University, California   .   “Palo Alto   Daily   News”   carried   the   new   (as   the   Stanford’s   Report)   and   the   art   critic   expressed   his   very   favorable   opinion on   her   painting.   Among   other   things   he   wrote   “in   her   paintings   light   overcomes,   hope   overcomes,   the   same   life   overcomes”.      Her experience in the States was very profitable: now she’s going to have an exhibition at San Francisco Italian Art Museum. In   her   creative   search   every   object   (even   the   most   usual)   becomes   subject   full   of   an   intense   chromatism   and   a   powerful   emotion.   It happens   because   Laura   Ferretti   shows   the   deep   meaning   hidden   in   flowers   or   landscapes   or   deserts   or   sea-depths   or   woods.   You see   them,   you   recognize   them   easily,   but,   at   the   same   time,   they   look   new,   unknown,   mysterious   and   charming.   How   is   it   possible? She   uses   light   and   color   in   a   very   personal   way.   It   seems   light   arises   from   the   same   canvas,   gives   more   and   more   evidence   or disperses   contour   lines   and   creates   a   dreamy   atmosphere.   Color   is   deep,   pure,   soft   or   strong,   unusual.   Her   colors   have   a   magical effect. Signs,   spots,   scratches   made   by   her,   with   spatula,   recall   an   eternal,   incessant   going   in   the   labyrinth   of   human   soul,   an   interlacing   of memories,   feelings,   emotions,   wishes.   Light   and   colors   dance   together   in   Laura   Ferretti   paintings   and   give   us   a   sample   of   genuine, artistic sensitiveness.
Laura Ferretti  painter