PLUNGE INTO ABSTRACTION Yes,    a    plunge    because    it    is    a    jump    into    the    nothing which   from   may,   want   maybe,   spring   consonances   of colors,   messages   of   joy.   It   is   a   nothing   made   with   colors and   forms   that   don't   refers   neither   to   sky   nor   the   nature but,    when    they    are    on    canvas,    convey    inexplicable feelings.    So    who    looks    at    them    becomes    free    to    be protagonist: he gives his interpolation. To   tell   the   truth   my   first   works   are   abstract:   Reflections, In    the    mystery,    Vitality.    Later    I    found    in    sky,    water, flowers,   Maremma   a   lot   of   possibilities   to   express   my feelings    more    than    that    I    saw    around    me.    My    last paintings:    Violet    dominant,   Towards    to    sky    ,    Singing, were,   be   now,   abstract   though   some   allusions   of   reality remain. Then   the   definitive   plunge   from   that   the   paintings   Rose arcana   and   Suggestions   come   out.   More   paintings   have following.    They    are    a    homage    to    Kandinskji    whose longing    for    reproducing    the    "nothing"    and    its    rules    I always admired.
Symphony of opposite colors"
Laura Ferretti  painter