In   the   period   December   15    th    to   30    th ,   2010,   in   Barletta, the    artist    participates    in    the    exhibition    "Between    the tones   of   an   ideal   space."The   event   is   curated   by   Dr. Anna    Soricaro    sponsored    by    the    Fondazione    G.    De Nittis. Also   in   Barletta,   in   the   period April   15 th    to   May   10 th , 2011,   personal   exposure   "Deep   roots:   the   Etruscans   and their world."
Her     work     "The     song     of     the     curves     and     lines     of complementary   colors"   has   been   selected   to   participate in the International Prize "CITY 'OF TOKYO".
The   artist   has   participated   in   the   exhibition   "Weekend   with   the   Arts"   which   took place   in   Ferrara,   14 th    to   16 th    October   2011.   The   event   organized   by   the   Cultural Ferrara   Pro Art   Gallery   in   collaboration   with   Domus   Turkish   artists   selected   for   the 6 th International Biennial of Contemporary Art Ferrara, scheduled in 2012.
From   3 rd    to   16 th    October   2011, the    artist    is    present    with    her works   in   London,   the   exhibition "ART   ITALY"   Hiring   SW1   in   the gallery,      one      of      the      most important London galleries.
In April 2013, at the Residence of the Italian Ambassador in  can art exposing   his   works   "Deep   roots:   the   Etruscans   and   their   world"in the cultural event "Tuscan Spring. A taste of Italy ", organized by Ambassador Maurizio Zanini.
Laura Ferretti  painter