AN ITALIAN ARTIST AT THE STANFORD UNIVERSITY   " Journey into colors", by Laura Ferretti, reaches Stanford University. Here,   at   Bechtel   International   Center   Laura   Ferretti   has   rocketed   to   success in a community so far from her world. How it happened is open to debate. Some   says   it’s   her   amiable   personality   and   professional   demeanor,   or   that the   subjects   of   her   painting   are   near   and   dear   to   the   heart   of   Palo Altans   even if   she   has   just   arrived   from   Italy.   But   ultimately,   the   proof   is   in   the   finished work of art. The    secret    of    her    success    is    that    she    combines    common    subjects    (as landscapes,   woods,   flowers)   with   a   new   and   original   art   form.   It’s   a   fresh tecnique for showing nature and its meanings. Ferretti’s   medium,   a   simple   palette   knife,   gives   life   to   her   work,   suggests   and produces   emotions   and   feelings.   In   her   paintings   there   are   many   shades, deep as black, but lights overcome: life overcomes, hope overcomes. Looking at Ferretti’s painting you feel happyness and harmony, you feel joy. I think it’s the key of her success.
Laura Ferretti  painter