The    beautiful    and    significant    travelling    exhibit " Deep   roots:   Etruscans   and   their   world "   by   Laura Ferretti   about   Etruscan   history   and   culture   has two   worthy   narrative   and   artistic   paths.   At   first, she    has    been    able    to    find    out    in    the    wide historiographic   book   some   of   the   most   advanced and    mean    full    aspects    of    Etruscan    life.    The harmony   between   man   and   nature,   their   love   for animals,   the   equal   and   not   marginal   female   role, their   bright   and   merrymaking   wedding   life,   their serene   and   sacred   view   of   death.   Their   ability   to create vases,jewels. To    create    poetry.    Along    the    years    all    these fragments    emotioned    Laura    who    felt    them    so much   alive   that   she   needed   to   communicate   her inner   sensations,   to   offer   a   means   of   reaching these deep and ancient roots.  
The   second   path   is   her   research   for   a   personal   and   effectual   stylistic   expression.   Ferretti   has   created   in   such   an   original   way   the expressive   means   to   organize   the   contents,   to   make   them   alive   and   involving.   From   here,   in   the   aureal   rapports,   the   dynamism,   the spyral   as   dynamic   expression   and,   at   same   time,   as   chronological   story:   a   sort   of   an   old   parchment,   which   rolls   down   itself   in   front of the spectator with the seal of an actuality which finds its principal source in the artistic expression. In   conclusion   of   this   critical   note,   I   intend   to   go   back   over   the   philosopher   Schopenhauer   and   the   writer   Oscar   Wilde   for   which   art represents the moment sublimating that calms the uproar of passions and the sense of dismay and unhappiness. All this denotes that, from the Greek model to the Etruscan one, art has got up to us as a universal message. Laura Ferretti has refined this with a breath of fascinating poetry.
Prof.  Giovanni LOMBARDI
Laura Ferretti  painter