XII Station – Jesus Christ' Death (EUTHANASIA)
Jesus   died   a   glorious   death   on   the   Cross.   The   theme   of   euthanasia   is so   burning   and   involving   that   I   choose   to   leave   the   greatest   freedom   of opinion.   The   artist   doesn’t   reproduce   a   solved   situation.   Everything   has to be decided. A   patient   is   in   reanimation,   encircled   by   a   medical   apparatus.   Doctors, hospital   attendants,   relatives   are   waiting   out.   Are   we   anxious   about departure of body or soul? The   scene   can’t   be   more   genuine,   included   the   overhanging   presence of    Christ:    the    last    hope.    Faith    helps.    Conscience    (individual    and collective),   mind,   heart,   politics,   opportunisms   refused   their   chance. As Pilate. It   means   are   not   able   to   choose   death,   or   to   live   the   experience   of dying. Jesus has chosen and taken with him this last responsibility. The   sensitive   and   flexible   figurative   language   and   the   colored   variants polarize    the    event    in    a    tonal    way.   The    drawings    up    deal    with    the contrast    of    a    heaviness    without    apparent    tragedy.   The    background transforms   itself,   with   details,   in   spatial   and   perspective   aspect   that   to certitudes and convictions of the observer, without further implications. The   hand,   down   on   the   right,   in   the   cold   light,   is   ready   to   receive:   it possible to insert everything. Spirit and ideology. That event? No, that person!
Prof.  Giulio GASPAROTTI
Laura Ferretti  painter