WHAT THE COLOR CAN TELL ME …     Wide   and   deep   horizons   consume   the   representation   of   these   landscapes,   in   that   it   seems   to   listen   the   slow   sound   of   the   air,   mixed with the reflections that absorb the trace of it, in order to confide it to the real connection with things. Camouflaged   in   the   comment   of   colors,   there   are   the   flowing   and   increasing   of   short   and   rhythmic   strokes   of   spatula,   that materialize    reality    in    redundancies    of    view,    where,    sometimes,    colors    seem    explode    into    abstraction.    Reality    revives    in    the identification   of   the   place   in   virtue   of   optical   effects   such   as   an   allusion   of   spaces,   beyond   those   caught   and   fixed   on   canvas.   It   often happens effects are like lightning that don’t disappear, but remain in our memory at the moment to give in shape. In   this   sort   of   flight,   we   don’t   know   if   it   is   shape   to   enter   thoroughly   into   painting   or   vice   versa,   thank   to   the   colors,   the   thickness,   the coming   and   going   and   the   disposition   of   colors   combination   vivacity.   It   is   becoming   presence,   phenomenon   or   metamorphosis.   It   is in attracting attention, in going  outdoors by force and intensity, in changes of brightness.    Everything   is   very   different   from   Impressionism   and   Venetian   picture,      without   the   support   of   glazing      and      transparences   that   don’t be consequent, unless you want to annul the emotional reaction. We   have   not   to   look   at   the   painting,   but   into   the   painting.   Not   from   stalls,   from   stage.   Our   interest   has   to   turn   to   the   unity   of everything, of the whole in order to understand the feeling of the artist and not only her ability. Landscapes   by   Ferretti   is   a   free   singing.   It   is   from   a   well-developed   tradition.   It   is   located,   until   we   want,   in   her   land,   but   it   is   a   visual fragment    of    an    endless    course,    in    an    unbroken    becoming    such    to    produce    the    end    of    the    idea    of    image,    inheritance    of Impressionism. Her rich and warm feeling of nature floods her paintings, with something more than only aesthetic elements. A thinking line comes out tending to judge painting like a project of cultural chooses of spontaneous  and creative expression. Etruscan   ship   in   a   stormy   sea,   tiny   in   the   sea,   foggy   off-shore   in   the   moving   barrier   of   waves   and   clouds,   in   the   transfigured   light, isn’t   other   than   a   landscape   that   escapes   limits   of   space   to   tend   to   an   uneven   plain.   It   is   a   vivid   image   that   goes   in   the   rhythm   of imagination.   Every   stroke   of   palette-knife   has   a   double   worth   of   color   and   timbre.   Light   doesn’t   change   the   color,   modifies   the   quality of timbre because the shadow operates as contrast. To   finish,   I   pause   a   little   on   “When   the   moon   …”,   “The   wind   and   the   dunes”,”Violet   attraction”,   “The   sky   is   turning   red   “.   In   these works,   the   pictorial   vision   lose   the   distinctive   peculiarity   of   similarity.   They   have   the   synthesis   of   shape,   color,   light   blended   in   a dominant chromatic value, to let a margin to wandering of the fantasy and mystery. They   permit   to   look   roving   over   the   landscape   while   I’d   like   to   pass   through   and   listen   the   voice   of   nature,   further   the   frontiers   of representation, in the deepness taken away to men. 
Laura Ferretti  painter